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Tile Selection Guide


Ceramic/Porcelain tile, if chosen intelligently and installed correctly, protects and beautifies any surface it covers. The variety, style, and endless color selection of Ceramic/Porcelain tile has a guaranteed place as a high-end finishing material. Additionally, Ceramic/Porcelain tiles are fairly easy to install, if done with the proper planning and preparation. And a do-it-yourself tile installation can save your money too.

First of all, making a plan for your Ceramic/Porcelain tile flooring is the best means of achieving long-term success. With a good sense of how you want your floor to look and function along with other structural elements, installing Ceramic/Porcelain tile flooring will make sense to your space in every way. Taking these other elements into account is the first step to consider when looking installing Ceramic/Porcelain tile flooring. The first thing you should do is to draw a floor plan of the room. This plan should include all the details and information, especially things that are NOT directly involved in the project: for example, doors, cabinets, toilet, and electricity supplies, among others.

In this manual we are trying to explain detailed procedure of installation ceramic/Porcelain tile flooring/wall. This will help you to install a new floor or replace an old one.

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