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Research & Development

Quality of the end product at Master, However, is even better than these top world companies. This is primarily because of our access to better quality raw materials here in Pakistan. Secondly, we were lucky to install a combination of all the latest Italian technologies, being put to work together for the first time anywhere in the world.

Strength, Beauty & Hygiene:
Master Ceramic Granite Tiles are completely homogenized which means that the color, the texture and the veins run throughout the thickness of the body, just like natural stone. Unlike what is available in the market in the name of granite, the colors, designs and textures of ceramic granite are not superficial. A gift of years of research and the latest in Italian technology, our ceramic granite is so close to the natural granite stone that it is hard to make out the difference.

No Stain:
Completely chemical resistant and easy to clean due to extremely compact superior surface.

Scratch Resistance:
Solid and compact body of the tiles provides them complete protection against scratches.

Zero % Absorption:
Thanks to complete absence of pores through out the tile thickness, zero percent absorption factor promises ease of maintenance with maximum hygiene.
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