Whether we are scrolling through pinterest or looking through catalogues of designs of bathrooms we all enjoy it but the bitter truth is that few of us are willing to turn those images of luxurious bathrooms into reality. Mainly budget constraints do not let us turn those images into reality. But a low budget does not mean at all that your bathroom has to look obsolete and shady. With small tips and tricks one can create that top notch luxurious look of their new bathroom.

Using Single Tone Colours

A simpler bathroom can even look the most luxurious if a single tone of colour is used throughout. White is the definition of luxury and elegance. The easiest technique is to install white cabinets and counter as well as the bathroom curtains that make a bathroom look like luxurious and expensive hotel bathroom. Using white towels and white rugs do the job to give an exquisite look.


Use of Greys

While keeping a luxurious bathroom theme in mind one can also go for the grey colour. It has become the trendiest colour to go for. This colour has a soothing effect and easily goes with other colours. To ace the luxurious look proper lighting does the job.

Use of Tiles

Adding tiles to one’s bathroom is the easiest way to get a new and trendy look. It can go out of budget if it is not planned wisely. Ceramic tiles are a cheaper option to go for but they have a huge range of colours and variety in them which can be used to get the luxurious look. A stone tile is also a super luxurious item but if they are only used on corners they can make a very good image of the bathroom while staying in the budget.

Using the tiles to make a tile rug can add a really regal look to any bathroom with minimal effort. A big block of tile rug can be made using stone tiles or ceramic tiles and create an overall luxurious effect.