Floor tiles are the most widely used interior decoration item. These are gaining more popularity every year. These are used by almost all the builders. But there are few misconceptions about the tiles that make people hesitate while going for them.


People who are new to tiles are completely unaware of the cost of tiles. This makes them indecisive while going for tiles as their flooring option. But on the other hand tiles are the cheapest available flooring option in the market and there are wide range of options and pricing ranges to choose from. You should choose tiles that fit into your budget.


Some people have this misconception that tiles accumulate dirt and grim but they are completely wrong. Tiles repel even dust. Most varieties of tiles are stain and water resistant. Their cleaning process is the easiest. Dust can be easily cleared off with a brush while if there are stains then tiles can be mopped too. If there is dirt on tiles then you can rinse the tiles off with water and mild detergent too.


Most people think that tiles are available in a limited range of designs but they are wrong. With digital printing widespread you can even order custom tiles from some companies. There is an immense range of available tiles.


Ceramic tiles are usually considered very brittle but that is wrong. These tiles are quite durable. These are made after hardening of clay. Tiles are baked at very high temperatures to make them super hard. Tiles can sustain a lot of weight.


Tiles are the easiest way to make your place cozy and comfortable. Tiles make your place appealing in no time. You can walk over the tiles even barefoot


Some people have a misconception that tiles break under heat. But it is untrue tiles are heat resistant and even provide cooling to a place. During summers these provide an all over cooling effect.