To keep your home fresh, updated and trendy, renovations should be executed on and off according to the latest trends. One place can be picked at a time and it can be renovated. Although most people ignore the bathrooms when it comes to the renovations and focus only on living rooms and bedrooms but is the bathrooms that give an overall new look to a place.

People hesitate to renovate the bathrooms with fear of spending too much money on piping, new tiles and accessories etc. But they are wrong bathrooms can be given a completely new look on even a low budget. Simply changing the colour theme of a bathroom can completely make it new. It is the most simple technique to refreshen the bathroom and spice things up a bit.

The Colours

Deep and dark colours are trending for bathrooms these days like combination of purple and yellow, green and grey etc. A professional painter can make the walls of bathroom with his professional paintwork look new and smooth. The two colour theme can be executed by adding the other colour ceramic tiles onto the vacant place.

Rule of Three

For the colour changing renovations a new trend has followed up. It is called the rule of three. Three colours are added to the bathroom with 70/20/10 ratio. The lightest colour takes up the the 70 percent space similarly other dark colours follow up. It creates such a vibrant and an aesthetic appeal.

Painting the Bath Tub

Painting the bathtub has also become trendy these days. It is a very good, economical and trendy technique. The inner space of the bathtub can be left white while outer surface is painted in a darker tone to give the bathroom a complete new look. Dark coloured bathtubs go great with the light coloured bathrooms while to create luxurious and sophisticated look. Light gold coloured bath tub with white walls aces the look of a bathroom.