Having some concept of greener future and eco-friendly things makes you a 21st Century’s responsible citizen. To develop and construct an eco-friendly workplace, commercial place or a home gives a notion that you have some pain for the well being of this planet. To switch towards the greener concept there is no need to have just deep pockets. Every citizen of society can out in his share for greener future by making small and simple changes to his home and workplace.

This eco-friendly attitude is just like a contagious disease for the good. If you adopt the greener way of living; your family, friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues would get inspired too. This way we can protect our mother nature and preserve our resources for our future generations.

Solar Power

Making use of solar power is the best way to take foot off of the gas pedal of depleting fossil fuels. Nowadays almost every thing is available in the market that is solar powered. From simple mobile chargers to even cars and now planes too. Everything you name gets solar powered and it is reliable too apart from being eco-friendly. At our homes we can replace our complete power system with solar power system. It is cost effective and takes the load off from the national grid too. You don’t have to pay the utility bills anymore. Solar powered geysers are commonly found these days at almost every home. Similarly solar powered garden lights can be installed too which gives the entire home an impression of being eco-friendly.

Avoid Smoking

No-smoking signs should be used at workplaces and even homes to contribute towards a greener future. Smokers must be discouraged as they create hazards for non-smokers too. Passive smoking is more injurious to health. Such activities lead to stroke, cancer and heart diseases apart from damaging planet earth.

Use of Natural Light

Lighting at homes should be considered when constructing them. Windows should be kept big to light up the space with as much natural light a possible and decreasing the dependence upon incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs should be replaced with LED eco-friendly bulbs.