With our yearly festival Eid coming near everyone wants their homes to look perfect on this annual occasion. To opt for such perfection one needs to follow 2019’s trends with tiling. We should not think about changing the entire looks of our place since it is too much time consuming, we can rather go for adopting these trends throughout our place with minimal  changes.

When it comes to following trends everyone wants to follow up on the latest trends in market.Various colour changes, adding pattern styles tiles in different designs can keep the place trendy.

Rough Luxe Taking Over

A new interior design that has overwhelmed the market is the rough luxe. It is just like abstract art.Different pieces of furniture, mostly metal furniture are abstractly combined with flooring, upholstery along with wall colours to make a complete new theme. Usually living rooms are adorned with such styles. This rough luxe gives the most luxurious look to a place since metal furniture is combined with stone and brick tile flooring. It is the mot luxurious interior deign to go for.


Natural Selection

Natural selection has been catching attention in trendy interior designs too. It is a very simple technique and really easy to execute at any place of a house. A living room can be given this design by adding wooden floor tiles with indoor ever green grass along with bamboo furniture. Wallpapers of natural selection are easily available in the market too to give the walls the overall theme without going through the hastle of re-painting them.


Keep Things Neural

Neural theme is also making it up to the trendy interior designs. In this theme cozy and light coloured tiles are used all over the place that is to be renovated. Light blue, pink and green are the colours to go for when creating a neural theme. In ths interior design things are kept very basic with just adding few colour matching lampshades and cushions to the furniture.