The most expensive thing after kitchen for renovation is the bathroom but if one wants to change the outlook of his home renovating and upgrading bathroom can do the job. Such renovation not only improves the functionality of a place but in the long term it can bring back the biggest returns. So it is an investment worth considering. There is no doubt that a specific budget has to be set to execute bathroom’s renovation but this job can be done with minimal budget using certain up gradation tips and tricks.

Fix Before Replacing

Repairing the old things is the most feasible and economic thing to do rather than replacing them with the expensive things available in market. It is the functionality that matters when it comes to the bathroom. All showers,taps,hinges should be in perfect working condition. Small fixes can be made using diy techniques. Also some fixtures can be made by calling professional plumbers.

Polish the Tiles

Similarly if tiles have collected dirt and debris collected in between the gaps then re-grouting can be easily performed at home and it enhances the over all look of the bathroom. Tile polish can be used to bring back the shine of tiles and increase their life. Such small fixes can save a huge amount because going for completely new flooring on a tight budget is a complete waste. Chrome parts and bathtubs can be easily restored using re-glazers available easily at convenience stores.


Few Rather than All

While going for new flooring is super expensive on a low budget one can replace few tiles with large decorative trendy tiles to create a complete new look. There are a lot of popular options available and trendy designs make it intricate.

Small new decorative accessories can completely revamp the outlook of a bathroom. Remodelling is the best thing to go for to cut down the costs and bring big changes with little effort and expenditure.