Tiling trends have been changing since forever.With the development of industry and and incorporation of ink jet printers there is a huge variety of options available in different patterns, shapes and sizes. Even though a lot of trends came in and went past but the classic square tile has an eternal place in the trendy tile market. They have very versatile applications. Many of us go for the neural themes at our home and square tiles provide us with the wide range availability. The square white wall can be fitted at almost any place in our home. Let it be our kitchens, bathrooms or even living rooms a simple wall with square tiles creates an appealing look.

Square Tile Floor

Squares tiles make their use very best when when they are used on walls but they can be used on flooring too. For instance if a small bathroom is to be renovated then we can add up simple square tiles to finish up the look. It give a very classic style while being on the trendy side too. When using in kitchens such tiles not only give an aesthetic look but they are durable too. Square tiles can be easily cleaned up with simply a wet sponge.


Square Tile Wall

To spice things up in the living room on can make a colour wall out of square tiles too rather than going for the mainstream wall papers. Natural stone look wall tiles are available in the market too. They create a very ambient effect. When going in for a contrast at living room the square wall tiles are the best available thing in the market to go for without any hesitation.

Gardens and Square Tiles

Square tiles can be used on garden walls too, to protect them from climatic exposure. The vibrant range of colour options available in them provide us with the ease of choosing them over the common options that are used by everyone and giving a unique outlook to our place. Making it different from the rest.