Recently wooden effect tiles have completely taken over the market trends in tiling. When looking a practical daily use yet stylish flooring option for kitchen and bathroom the answer comes down to the wooden effect tiles. When it comes to bathroom everyone opts for a flooring that is water resistant and anti-slip. Whereas for kitchen a durable and and easy to clean and maintain option is considered. Everyone renovates their kitchen and bathroom once in a while so the best available option to go for is the wooden effect tiles.


All those who have not yet come across the wooden effect tiles can never tell the difference between the real wood and these synthetic tiles. Plain wood is super luxurious and eye catching but when it comes to durability the answer is a big no. Manufacturers have very cleverly blended in the concept of real wood into tiles. They came up with the best possible solution.These tile are even way more durable than the ceramic tiles.


Level of Detail

The natural appeal that they give cannot be judged by an amateur at all. The even have wooden grains and texture in their design. They have been manufactured to perfection. In 2019 if there is a go to tiling trend then it is the wooden tiles. They are made out of porcelain which is well know for its long term sustainability, durability, water resistance and easy to clean behavior. Such tiles are even fireproof making them a safer option to go for. Their wooden colour stays in for a long time and does not fade away at all.


If we conclude our talk we can say it for sure that wood effect tiles are a perfect solution when looking for stylish and trendy flooring for bathroom and kitchen. The detail and authenticity that this recently launched product has in it is unquestionable.